Nancy Landauer

“Nancy Landauer”  

Formally trained as an illustrator, Nancy Landauer holds a BFA from Parsons School of Design in New York City. She worked on staff as a print and textile designer, and freelanced as a magazine illustrator for many years. Enjoying the freedom from the constraints of commercial art, Nancy has created a unique and on-trend look in her abstract canvasses. They are aimed at the interior design market, but truly are abstract expressionism in its purest form. The result of her unique artistic voice is a distinct body of art work in which every piece is different and makes it own contemporary statement.



Min: $0 Max: $3000

Nancy Landauer Beauty Fades

30 x 40" mixed media collage on acrylic


Nancy Landauer Shout Out Loud

36x48" Acrylic on canvas.


Nancy Landauer Wall Jewelry Series, Silver

20x40" Acrylic and oil pastel in metallic hues, silver stainless, pewter and graphite.


Nancy Landauer Shattered

24 x 30" Mixed media on acrylic


Nancy Landauer Pick Up Sticks

20 x 20" Acrylic on canvas.