Eva Noga

Eva Noga  



Eva's collection was designed, inspired and crafted to reflect the beauty of natural forms with the endless potential of blending color, shape and texture. Eva wanted her second passion, gardening, to be reflected in her delicate collection created using baguette diamonds, tourmalines, faceted gemstones and 14k gold settings. Her passion for anything botanical has inspired her collection filled with diamond-accented beetles, spiders and other worldly critters. She sees the organic forms that are central to her designs as natural extensions of the body and is drawn to colorful irregular gemstones. Eva puts her heart into each piece that she not only designs, but also manufactures with her own hands.



Min: $0 Max: $3500

Eva Noga Royal Beetle Ring

Tourmaline & 0.07ct Diamonds, 14k Yellow Gold. Available in Variety of colors


Volga Drop Earrings

14k Yellow Gold French Wire Volga Drop Earring with Opal Center & Tanzainte


Diamond Rain

14K Yellow Gold & Diamonds Create the Perfect Heart Shaped Earring!


Eva Noga Cassiopeia Pendent

Mixed Media Pendent Set in 14K Yellow Gold. 14K Yellow Gold Ball Chain Accompanies The Pendent.


Eva Noga Caco Ring

Green Topaz Set in 14K Yellow Gold with Diamond Baguette Accents. 0.33 TCW.


Eva Noga Comet Earrings

14K Yellow Gold, Tanzanite Slices Surrounded by Opals (Approx 0.62 TCW) of White Diamonds.


Joy Studs

14K Yellow Gold Leaf Inspired Joy Studs with Pink Tourmaline, & Watermelon Tourmaline & Accents of Diamonds.


Achillea Earrings

14K Yellow Gold & Hand Carved Tourmalines Mixed with Diamond Baguettes Create the Perfect Statement Earring. These Are One-Of-A-Kind


Eva Noga Halo Ring

14K Yellow Gold, Tourmaline Slices Surrounded by Seven White Diamonds. (Approx 0.14 TCW)


Eva Noga Forest Ring

14K Yellow Gold, Tourmaline Slices Surrounded by White Diamonds. (Approx 0.27 TCW)


Eva Noga Plana Pendent

Tourmaline, Sunstone 1.10ct Diamonds,14k Yellow Gold Setting. 18" Diamond Cut Ball Chain


Colles Ring

14K Yellow Gold Bug Inspired Ring with Green & Brown Tourmalines Accents of Baguette Diamonds


Eva Noga El Opal Burst Pendent

14K Yellow Gold, Tourmaline Slice Center Surrounded by Opals. (Approx .26 TCW) of White Diamonds. Pendent is Attached To a 18" Gold Diamond Cut Ball Chain.


Eva Noga Lacerta Earrings

18K Yellow gold, Tourmaline, Kyanite, & Gold Quartz , Make This Matched Pair Unique.


Eva Noga Opal Burst Earrings

14K Yellow Gold, Tourmaline Slices Surrounded by Opals (Approx 0.46 TCW) of White Diamonds.


Eva Noga Calibrate Pendent

14K Yellow Gold, Tourmaline, Gold Quartz 0.33ct of Diamonds, on 18" diamond Cut Ball Chain.


Clove Greeen Studs

14K Yellow Gold Green Tourmalines, & Diamond Baguettes Give These Bug Inspired Stud Life!


Eva Noga Comet Ring

14K Yellow Gold, Tanzanite Slices Surrounded by Opals (Approx 0.62 TCW) of White Diamonds.


Eva Noga Universe Ring

12.5 Ct Opal Surrounded By 0.38 ct Diamonds Set in 18k Yellow Gold


Eva Noga Caduca Earring

Tourmaline & o.66 ct of Diamonds, set in 14K


Eva Noga Teres Earrings

Solar Quartz, Tourmaline & 0.33ct of Diamonds Set in 14K Yellow Gold.


Rue Studs

14K Yellow Gold & Mix Match Tourmalines & Diamond Baguettes Create these Leaf Like Ear Studs. The perfect Day to Evening Earring!