About Us

Vincent Perugini comes from a jewelry family: his great-grandfather, for whom he was named, owned a jewelry store with his couturier wife, and his father has been in jewelry manufacturing for over 30 years. However, Vincent didn’t start his career with a passion for the industry. After graduating with a business development and marketing degree, he worked in fashion for names such as Max Mara and Fendi, but soon found himself as Marketing Director for a jewelry retailer. It was here he discovered his passion for working with designers and the idea of Vincents Fine Jewelry was born.

 Vincents Fine Jewelry opened in Pelham, NY in May 2017 with Vincent and his father Thomas at the helm as partners and the first Vincent honored in their minds. Vincent prides himself on offering unique collections in a relaxed, yet luxurious environment. He loves working with emerging designers who are passionate about embracing the new and forging a new path in jewelry. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, Vincents offers custom designs, re-mounting, all jewelry repairs and watch making services. 

 To Vincent, jewelry tells a story about the wearer—it can reflect someone’s personality and sometimes even reveal their perspective of the world. Jewelry can change the way a person feels, and there is a special piece for everyone.